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Self checkout help

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If this is your first time using the self checkout system, or if the system is not behaving as expected, you may want to refer to this guide to get yourself started.

Step one: Enter your user id and password

Enter your User ID and password, and click the submit button (or press the enter key).

Step two: Scan the barcode for each item, one at a time

Scan each item and wait for the page to reload before scanning the next item. The checked-out item should appear in your checkouts list. The Submit button only needs to be clicked if you enter the barcode manually.

Step three: Click the 'Finish' button

If you do not click the 'Finish' button, your session will automatically expire in 120 seconds.

Please send your comments or questions to / 請將您的意見或問題發送給 / 请将您的意见或问题发送给

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